St. Winifred's Care Home with Nursing

Giving our residents Respect, Freedom and an Active lifestyle.

"Just a few lines to say thank you to everyone at St. Winifred's for the care which you gave to mum, during the years she was with you."

"Mum always seems happy and well cared for when we visit. We also think your residents meetings are helpful. Thank you for all that you do for our mum"

"Throughout mum's short stay, it was clear that all your staff showed compassion and genuine care, we could not have wished for better support"

Where can I find out about Nursing or Residential care?
Local PCT F Mill, 5th floor, Dean Clough, Halifax, Tel: 01422 281300
Gateway to Care (Adult Health & Social Care): Tel: 0845 111 1103

Who pays for the care?

Understandably, the cost of paying for private Nursing and Residential care can be significant and this can be a concern for the resident and their family. We aim to offer the highest standards of care available at affordable prices.

Fees are calculated on a weekly basis and depends on the type of care required and the size of the bedroom chosen. Local authorities may contribute towards the cost of care if an individual's assets and savings are less than £23,250 (as of April 2010), following assessment. However, this may alter each year.

You will be expected to contribute benefits (such as income support and Retirement Pension) and any private pensions in order to cover the cost of fees. It is highly recommended that you do make contact with your local authority/social services in the first instance, as they may be able to provide further financial assistance. Even if you don't qualify for any contributions initially, you may become eligible in the future.

The NHS contributes a small portion of the cost for everyone who is assessed as needing Nursing care, whether privately funded or through a local authority. This amount is paid directly to the care home. For information on paying for care, please contact an agency such as Age UK.

I look after someone now but need to take a break. How can I arrange this?

We frequently have residents who enjoy short stays with us. In some instances, funding to support respite stays is available from Social Services and it is recommended you contact them to discuss eligibility.

Can I bring my own furniture and other possessions?

Yes. Our residents are encouraged to make their rooms their own with their familiar possessions.

I have little or no experience in this field. How can I know that a particular home will provide the quality of care I want?

Until 2010, the Regulatory body governing the sector, the Care Quiality Commission "CQC" carried out quality assessments of homes and issued star ratings ranging from 0(poor) to 3(excellent) depending on their findings. St. Winifreds is a 2 star rated home. The star ratings and assessment reports are available to read on line at

Our local councils also carry out periodic inspections and their assessments align closely with those of CQC. Whilst Social Workers are not allowed to make recommendations, they may be prepared to comment on the reputation carried by different homes. It is recommended that visiting various homes and asking questions of both residents and staff will provide a good measure of the quality of care provided.

Choosing the right care home is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself or for loved ones, and it can be one of the most difficult. Important factors to consider include the type of care required, location and the general atmosphere. It is important to ask as many questions as needed to be able to make an informed decision about the home. When viewing a home, consider the following points: